Our curriculum for Primary school students (ages 6 to 12) is based on the IB Primary Year Programme (IBPYP).

Students’ English and Chinese languages are developed through the integration of language studies with other subjects – as general studies and STEM subjects are taught in English, and Chinese cultural studies (Guoxue), Chinese history and Chinese literature are taught in Chinese.

Students will learn languages as their first language – by mastering phonics and pinyin early on, then engaging with the language not only through reading, but also through drama and performing arts. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum in Arts, Science and Physical education, all students will learn at least one musical instrument, Chinese painting (Guohua) and Chinese calligraphy, and focus on a sport of their choice.

Assessment plays an important role in learning and motivation. Formative assessments are conducted to reflect their respective academic progress. At DGIS, we recognise Primary years are a critical stage in the overall education process. It is our mission for them to become confident, capable and articulate learners. They are guided through both our carefully designed curriculum and boarding environment.