Our Mission, Vision and Values

Dongguan International School (DGIS) is founded upon the principles of Tung Wah Education Group: to nurture and develop generations of responsible, determined and virtuous global nationalism, determination, responsibility and righteousness in future generation to become the leaders of tomorrow, who will build and contribute to future society.

Vision Bridging the gap between cultures

DGIS students are deeply rooted in Chinese culture and values, while maintaining global international perspective by teaching in an English and Chinese bilingual environment, students develop strong communication skills in both languages, allowing them to form a strong understanding of Chinese culture and bridge its differences with other cultures, to create a better and more peaceful World for the future.

Mission Education today's learners for tomorrow's world

We equip students with fundamental skills to excel in any area of work in the future, and follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum that strives towards the same aims: to develop students to be: open-minded, inquisitive and reflective thinkers, who are communicative and knowledgeable risk-takers, as well as principled and caring citizens of the world. 

Loving Teachers Expected
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Primary Classes
Secondary Classes